Our Mission

Music Unites is a national charity (tax ID: 270872124) with the mission to raise academic and lifetime achievement for at-risk public school students through the support and creation of unique music education partnerships and programs. We currently provide free after-school music programs to youth through school-based partnerships, along with special monthly workshops designed in alignment with standards for career and college readiness. Music Unite’s life-changing programs and events help educate and guide our youth toward planning and achieving responsible goals for their future. Music Unites also leverages our student’s innate talents and elevates the next generation of performers by providing audiences, venues, and special performance opportunities, while at the same time enriching the listening experience of the public with performances from aspiring artists across a wide range of genres that exist in the increasingly diverse world of music.

Music Unites Programs


The Music Unites Youth Choir

The Women's Academy of Excellence Youth Choir

The Music Unites Recording Academy

The Music Unites Guitar Program


The Music Unites Centennial Orchestra 


The Music Unites Benito Juarez Community Academy


Music Unites on Campus Program

        Music-Versity Workshops

        Our Music-Versity programs include supplemental field trips, panels, workshops, master classes and other special opportunities to give students an inside look into the music industry and provide relevant interaction with college environments and young professionals in related fields. Music Unites is able to provide these students with intimate sessions with recording artists and industry leaders. Music Unites aligns Music-Versity opportunities with college and career readiness standards so students feel empowered, practice life skills alongside successful, young professionals, and learn how to engage their future dreams.

        Previous Music-Versity workshops have featured intimate sessions with Music Unites Celebrity Ambassadors: Swizz Beatz, Michael Zakarin of The Bravery, Kate Nash, Danja and more. Companies that have supported our Music-Versity workshops in the past include: Grammy Live, Paramount Studios, Spotify and Viacom.

        To sponsor a Music-Versity workshop or to get involved, please contact Glenda Fu at glenda.fu@musicunites.org 

        Who We Are

        With Music Unites, Founder and Executive Director Michelle Edgar aims to foster a lasting and profound love of all musical expression with people from all walks of life.

        A lifelong musician herself, Edgar began formal training in classical piano at age five and attended high school at the Manhattan School of Music. After graduating from Northwestern University, where she received training as a concert pianist, she moved back to New York where she was disappointed to find such an electrifying city still segregated by genre, style, and idiom. As a fan of all music—from jazz to rock, classical to hip-hop—she dreamed of an organization that might provide audiences with a unique, inclusive way to experience music in all its hues and flavors, while empowering the next generation of musicians. Michelle created Music Unites to support talented artists who are struggling to get their music heard and, in turn, to support communities in need of musical rejuvenation.

        The Music Unites team is a talented group of professionals from diverse industries who share a passion for music and a desire to engage, inspire, and connect people. Whether funding a Lincoln Center initiative, partnering with a musician’s charity or launching a music-related school program that gives back to the community, Music Unites aspires to become that trusted, reliable friend and patron of the music community.

        Board of Directors

        Ron Glickman, Board Chair
        Managing Director, Chardan Capital Markets an international investment bank with offices in Beijing, Los Angeles, and Sydney. Former Board member of NY Chamber Symphony.

        Alex Blavatnik
        Executive Vice President and Vice Chairman of Access.

        Cecilia Pagkalinawan
        Chief Marketing Officer at HONE, Past CEO of Boutique Y3k and StyleTrek

        Ed Chapman
        Chief Executive Officer, Marchesa Holdings LLC

        Jon Cohen
        Co-CEO alongside Rob Stone of Cornerstone--Clients include Microsoft, Diageo, Pepsi, Converse and Nike. In 1998, Cohen and Stone launched The FADER, an ahead-of-the-curve music and lifestyle magazine.

        Joseph Edelman
        CEO of Perceptive Advisors, a $600 million hedge fund focusing on life sciences and other healthcare investments. Edelman founded the company in 1999.

        Kim Seth, Ph.D
        Executive Director, Research Investments; Development & Strategic Operations of Pfizer Worldwide R&D

        Randy Spendlove
        President of Paramount Music, is a record producer and Grammy Award winner who oversees all aspects of music for Paramount Pictures.

        Ria Berkus

        Riyhana Bey
        Director of Account Services at Spike DDB

        Thomas Benski
        CEO of Pulse Films, a talent management and integrated content production company that creates content across different platforms.